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Apple Pretzel™ Pet Chews Twig Treats

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winesap1.jpgApple Pretzel




winesap1.jpgApple Pretzel

 Pet Chews

•  Made from organic pesticide-free apple tree twigs

•  Non-toxic and safe for pets 

• Washed and sterilized 

•  Each twig is approximately 4 inches long 

•  Made in the USA

  winesap1.jpgApple Pretzel™  Pet Chews are handcrafted from apple tree twigs from a Southern California organic farm. They are pesticide-free, washed, and sterilized for the enjoyment of pet chinchillas,  gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, small dogs, and other animals. Apple wood twigs are recommended by veterinarians because they do not splinter and they help keep teeth healthy and pets happy and content.   

Each twig is approximately 4 inches long and up to 1/8 inch in diameter. They are packaged in a reusable zip lock bag with a product tag. Each bag is 2 oz. and contains approx. 24 twigs.

Suggestion: Spread the pet chews on a cookie sheet and bake in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes to release a wonderful nutty flavor for the enjoyment of your pet friend.

All Natural No Pesticides No Artificial Additives. 

  winesap1.jpgApple PretzelPet Chews are handcrafted in California USA