Blackface Project 

 The Blackface Project™ re-defined are images of historical American figures that have made significant contributions to humanity and who have a face that is her many shades. 

The Blackface Project™ is not about minstrels and demeaning caricatures of Black people. While the history of blackface is sad, there is no need to continue to give the word power but rather compassion for those who used it in the past and today in entertainment, fashion, and politics.

The Red Eyes Series symbolize crying, tiredness, and determination in promoting peace, freedom, and equality. Some Black faces are well known, others are not. What would these American historical figures say about freedom, equality, and humanity if she or he were alive today?

The images are printed using fade-resistant inks on Hanes ComfortSoft pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirts by artist h.m.Peavy.

  • Blackface™ - Woman Reconstruction No.1

    Blackface™ - Woman Reconstruction No.1

    Blackface™  Reconstruction T-Shirt No.1                 SOLD Blackface™ t-shirts are images of black slaves and descendants and the use of a universal garment to tell our stories...

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