The Original

 winesap-apple-logo Apple Pencil ™

Handmade from a Winesap Apple Tree Twig


The Traditional Definition Of A Pencil

 pen • cil


1. An instrument for writing or drawing, consisting of a thin stick of graphite or a similar substance enclosed in a long thin piece of wood or fixed in a metal or plastic case that you use by pressing the graphite or colored part in its center against a plain sheet of paper to make a mark.

2. Handmade pencils used in the Apple Pencil™ Project, Blackface Project, and other artwork by h.m. Peavy.   




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Lu Ann Tofoya Pueblo Pottery and other collectibles…



h.m. Peavy: Blackface Project 


James Baldwin, Author/Civil Rights Activist and other Historical Black Women and Men 


Prayer T-Shirt = Encouraging Racial Equality and Unity 

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Blackface™ Reconstruction No.1 T-Shirt 


Blackface™ Pillow Talk Series