My name is Martin. I grew up in the Midwest, lived in Hawaii for nearly 40 years, and currently make my home in southern California. 

I am the designer and creator of the original

 winesap1.jpgApple Pencil™ 

Apple Lamp and other products made from twigs, including clothing naturally dyed using Apple Juice™. 

  I designed the Prayer =T-Shirt prayer-t-shirt-front.jpg to encourage racial equality and unity, and have recently introduced home furnishings and blackface-woman-reconstruction-close-up-no.-3.jpg Blackface™ t-shirts, including the shop-red-eye-1-harriet-tubman-reversed-final.jpg Blackface Project about American Black women and men who have made significant contributions to humanity.

In addition, I design and weave rugs and tapestries, cinderpath.jpg and build construction & assemblage schoolhouse-copy.jpg artworks.

 h.m.Peavy is the owner of Re-psychles™, a Vintage Shop & Art Gallery located in downtown Palm Springs, CA.