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About the artist-craftsman h.m.peavy





is one of the founders of Peavian Logic, Inc., a wholesale business that began publishing and manufacturing products about Hawaii's rare and endangered flora and fauna in 1989. He created the Hawaiian Faya Pencil in 1990. He is a designer and weaver of handwoven rugs and tapestries cinderpath.jpg as well as an artist who builds constructions and assemblages gaykids-orig.jpg.

h.m.Peavy makes his home in California where he created the original winesap1.jpgApple PencilHe is developing other lines of twig & paper pencils, the table & floor Apple Lamp and other products made from twigs, as well as pursuing his artwork, often using recycled and repurposed materials.

h.m. Peavy is a co-owner of Re-psychles windows.jpg a curated resale shop & gallery located in Palm Springs, CA.