Bram van Velde - Gouache on Paper Signed

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A Video About Bram van Velde

 Condition: Very Good

Created: 1970's

Unframed: 29 inches x 24.5 inches

Authentic Bram van Velde goauche on paper and signed in pencil. 

It was acquired from an estate sale and is in very good condition. There are no stains, fox marks, discolorations, or creases.  


Bram (Abraham Gerardus) van Velde (19 October 1895 in Zoeterwoude, near Leiden, Netherlands – 28 December 1981 in Grimaud, near Arles, France) was a Dutch painter known for an intensely colored and geometric semi-representational painting style related to Tachisme, and Lyrical Abstraction. He is often seen as member of the School of Paris but his work resides somewhere between expressionism and surrealism, and evolved in the 1960s into an expressive abstract art. His paintings from the 1950s are similar to the contemporary work of Matisse, Picasso and the abstract expressionist Adolph Gottlieb.